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Crocodiles and alligators are among the most feared yet worshiped animals in the world. Threatened by hunting and habitat loss, many are also endangered despite the key roles they play in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Today efforts are underway to understand and save species from the Americas to Africa.

The Project

We’re working to restore populations of West Africa’s slender-snouted crocodile, one of the most endangered crocodiles in all of Africa. We’re also researching national parks and forest reserves that could serve as reintroduction sites along the Ivory Coast. Closer to home, our researchers are working to help crocodiles and people coexist in Costa Rica.

The Impact

In just a few years, a breeding colony of 34 West African slender-snouted crocodile adults produced 42 hatchlings, the first step in rebuilding the fragmented populations of the West African Crocodile. Internationally, we’re providing wildlife managers in multiple countries with the science to guide effective management of crocodiles and other reptiles.