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The vision of the Tropical Conservation Institute is broad, high-impact and practical. We're directly implementing species conservation and recovery projects while developing research and education programs that prioritize species and ecosystem protection. By building capacity among students and international conservation practitioners, we’re tangibly benefiting tropical and sub-tropical species and their habitats.

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Our team works with some of the world's most threatened species in three primary bio-geographical areas — Latin America and the Caribbean, East Africa and the tropical Pacific.

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Our global collaborators in academic institutions, NGOs, governments and the private sector have long recognized FIU's leadership and international influence in the field of tropical conservation.

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We bring together conservation leaders, practitioners, students and researchers to address the critical issues driving wildlife extinctions and declines in biodiversity-rich ecosystems.


We're addressing the critical issues driving wildlife extinctions and ecosystem decline – including habitat loss, wildlife trade, climate change, natural resource depletion and other anthropogenic factors.

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Our work builds on years of innovative and successful conservation methods and programs developed by our principal partner, the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation.