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Small Primates

Deforestation and poaching are plaguing the world’s primate populations and the pet trade is a particular problem for some of the world’s smallest monkeys. Our captive-breeding and management efforts are part of a broad conservation network that helps ensure a future for New World marmosets and tamarins. 

The Project

Scientists at our Florida headquarters have participated in the international Lion Tamarin Conservation Program for more than 25 years. This program works closely with agencies in Brazil to protect wild populations and expand protected areas. Our efforts in small primate conservation also benefit the pygmy marmoset, a monkey so small it fits in the palm of a human hand. We have maintained North America’s largest pygmy colony for over 25 years.

The Impact

Forty years ago, fewer than 70 Golden Lion Tamarins survive in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. Today, their population surpasses 3000, represented a conservation success story for one of the world’s most charismatic small primates.

Find more information on this program on the Rare Species Conservatory website.