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Global FinPrint

A quarter of all shark and ray species are threatened with extinction, with nearly 100 million sharks killed every year for their fins and meat. These losses threaten to destabilize oceans, depriving people around the world of critical resources. Our researchers are engaged in science, management and policy throughout the world to ensure they survive and thrive.

The Project

We’re changing the face of conservation for large marine animals. We’re providing the science that’s informing key international treaties including the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species. Through the Global FinPrint Project, we’re surveying reef populations to find the last remaining strongholds of sharks and rays. We’re also identifying genetic markers of distinct shark species to give enforcement officials the tools they need to reduce trade in the most vulnerable species.

The Impact

We’re helping save shark and ray species that are critical for the health of the world’s oceans and the planet. In 2016 alone, our scientists helped secure international protected status for four shark species and nine ray species

Learn more about this program on the Global FinPrint website.