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Red-browed Amazon Parrots

Our scientists are leading a 25-year captive-breeding program for the Red-browed parrot, South America’s most endangered Amazon parrot. Starting with 11 birds 30 years ago, we have produced a self-sustaining captive population and integrated recovery techniques and methods with Brazilian partners. The Red-brow is now recovering in the wild.

The Project

A top priority for long-term captive breeding and management, we hold the only breeding group in North America. Ongoing field surveys and habitat assessments are helping scientists better understand the Red-brow’s ecology as recovery options and conservation policies evolve.

The Impact

Our goal is to assist the recovery of the Red-brow in the wild and empower Brazilian wildlife agencies to sustainably manage the global, captive population.  In-country partners, like Zoo Curitiba and Ideia Ambiental, are leading the Red-brow’s comeback in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.

Find more information on this program in the Rare Species Conservatory website.